R.I.P. Swagg.......

You know what I am soooo tired of....... I'm tired of this word Swagg.....jeez enuff is enuff I've been over this word for a long time....it makes my flesh crawl when I here anyone say it.... I think this word has been over used and also misused ova the years....... "Swag" is frequently used to make of for ones short comings..... and that my friends....... is wack(in my eyes ofcourse).....so for instance I frequently here statements like these... "damn he ugly but he got swag!".... "He can't rap/sing but he got that swag"..... "He can't dress but he got swag.."..... Another thing about this word(if you can even call it a word) when I first heard this word I thought it was supposed to be used to describe someone or something exclusive or something live........but everyone has swag these days so who is exclusive.....?......this word has become so comercial and cliche....Swagalishious, Mcswagg, Swaggerific, Swagged out, Swaggy......YUCCCCCK.......I can't speak for anyone but my self but my life would be much easier without this deeesgusting word........das all I got to say for now.....bout to hop in the shower now...


Mark Myuse

here is a sweet track for the people................

Nas- The World(produced by Kanye West) http://www.zshare.net/audio/542324334c8dbf0b/


Stephen said...
January 17, 2009 at 8:16 PM

man i remember when i used that word to discuss my grievances with its usage and you were pleading with me not to even discuss the usage of the word.
i feel you. i don't like the frequent mismanagement of "swagger." so if a rapper has no replay value to his/ her songs, it's okay if they possess the God-given attribute of SWAGG. if a cat has some expensive-ass designer sneakers, he also has this impeccable swagger just cuz the Devil wears the same brand. It's astonishing.
i've heard on a few occasions that i have "a different kind of swagger from the other guys." as a reply, i draw more blanks than the average dumb blonde (but not like "our" favorite snowbunny... she's sexy and smart). please explain my swagger to me, honey child. i'm in the dark here. i may or may not harbor swagger. but in the oh-so-everlasting words of my alter-ego Black Nasty, "Fuck it!"
swagger is really used when most people are too lazy to tag "for the lack of a better word" to their statements. they may be too busy to scroll down through their mind's lexicon to pick another word like ... chose one.
when swagger is used as an excuse, that's when we as a society have met our tipping point. for example, we can act childish, disrespect people's rights, and are criminally incompetent, all at the same time. wow, but you know, george w. bush got swagger tho.