djshermski & Stephen Hicks - Heartbreak & Beatbreaks

djshermski & Stephen Hicks - Heartbreak & Beatbreaks

Hope this receives everyone well. I have posted my latest installment in my repertoire titled "Heartbreak & Beatbreaks". Allow us to explain.

Heartbreak & Beatbreaks is a mix session recorded with a simple premise and goal, and that is to offer the world music composed in the past that has effectively made way for music that we've all come to love and enjoy today. Each of the songs selected have to do with love, whether being heartbroken or being engulfed in all that is considered "love".

Under the careful musical direction of the sound connoisseur Stephen Hicks, this session should offer you not only the capacity to love love or hate love, but to also study just a few of the classic tales before us.

Dedicating or targeting this particular session to a specific person(s) would be terribly sappy and counterproductive. If anything, it's dedicated to Stephen and I. It's our struggle we share to you.