Urban Dictionary......

I came across the urban dictionary website today...... Its bananas it has definitions to almost anything that you can think off.....all types of slang..... I thought i would post a few definitions for you to read through.....FYI


  1. Very cold (adj)
  2. to punch (v)
  3. a quantity of cocaine (n)

  1. Originally, a Bama was a southerner (from Alabama, for instance) trying to blend in up north, but was so obviously country that it didn't work.
    Now it's more general and just means something funny-looking, unsophisticated or country as hell.
  2. A slang, typically used in the D.C. metropolitan area, meaning uncool. It can also descrbe a person who is uncool. "That girl looks like a straight-up bama in those shoes."

  1. See also "Chill" "What'd you do last night?" "Nothin', man, I was just lampin' at the crib."
  1. Murk can be used for any verb, however is most commonly used for "to leave" "to drink" "to steal" and to get away quickly "yo, lets murk, im tired of being here", "yo. i murked that drank" "i murked some kids ipod" "the cops are here, lets murk"

  1. A hoe or a slut, mostly used in the D.C. are for a girl who is a REAL freak. "That girl is a roller she always with some new dude"
  1. Pretty much whatever you wanna use it as.

    • Food
    • Drugs
    • Alcohol
    • Life in General
    "Hey Jack are you bringing the jank to the party tonight?" "Whats up with that jank?!"
These are actually some terms I have been questioned on or that I have witness someone be questioned on..... check it out for youself and look up some terms of your own.....