Monkey Bizzness....

So I'm having dinner with a few friends and my boy Darryle tells me about someone that was attacked by a pet chimpanzee in Stamford, CT (for those of you who don't know I'm from New Have, CT)..... First thing I thought was "Pet Chimpanzee?".... "in Connecticut" WTF who just has a pet chimpanzee..... This lady had a pet chimp that was 200 pounds in weight and his name was Travis..... Travis? She gave him a human name.... Not Sparky, Not Bubbles, Not Queenie, but Travis..... She mine as well named him Mark or Daniel.... SMH..... She mine as well had a random guy roaming through her house that doesnt talk to her just lives there and eats and sleeps and makes random noises lolol....... here are words and some clips from an article from the Huffington Post about the attack...

The Stamford Police have released the frantic 911 call Sandra Herold made after her chimpanzee began his violent rampage.

HARTFORD, Conn. — A 200-pound domesticated chimpanzee who once starred in TV commercials for Old Navy and Coca-Cola was shot dead by police after a violent rampage that left a friend of its owner badly mauled.

Sandra Herold, who owned the 15-year-old chimp named Travis, wrestled with the animal after it inexplicably attacked her friend Charla Nash, 55.

Watch video from ABC about what happened:

Nash had gone to Herold's home Monday to help her coax the chimp back into the house after he got out, police said. After the animal lunged at Nash when she got out of her car, Herold ran inside to call 911 and returned armed.

"She retrieved a large butcher knife and stabbed her longtime pet numerous times in an effort to save her friend, who was really being brutally attacked," said Stamford police Capt. Richard Conklin.

Nash was in critical condition Tuesday after suffering what Stamford Mayor Dannel Malloy called "life-changing, if not life-threatening," injuries to her face and hands.

"There was no provocation that we know of. One thing that we're looking into is that we understand the chimpanzee has Lyme disease and has been ill from that, so maybe from the medications he was out of sorts. We really don't know," Conklin said.

After the initial attack, Travis ran away and started roaming Herold's property until police arrived, setting up security so medics could reach the critically injured woman, Conklin said.

But the chimpanzee returned and went after several of the officers, who retreated into their cars, Conklin said. Travis knocked the mirror off a cruiser before opening its door and starting to get in, trapping the officer.