Happy Birthday to Marvin...

Marvin is one of those geniuses that I was born a lil to late to witness(about 1 year late to be exact) but he is one of my favorite artists of all time(almost neck and neck with Stevie Wonder) there are so many interesting parts to his life..... It probably could be made into a 5 part movie... but i won't sit here and bore you with the history behind this man..... Ill leave it to you to research that on your own....... But really his a man that did it all a Power house for lack of a better word... Singer, Song writer, Musician, Composer and Record Producer.........Well spoken and a charming personality(pause)... He just gave us so much on camera and on record and it still seems like there is so much more he left out....... Check out my boy in his magnificence in these Video clips......

Split Personality

Marvin Gaye on the Drums (check the other Drummers teeth...lolol)

Whats Going On/Whats Happening Brother


Stephen said...
April 2, 2009 at 9:56 AM

marvin was the greatest. you already know. i'm stephen hicks and i approve this message.