"Twilight"...... Actually a good Flick


Ok when I first seen the preview for this joint I was a lil excited mainly cuz I dig Horror flicks and I dig Vampires...iono I guess I’m just weird like that.....then when I found out it was love story I kinda got turned off, not cuz I dont like love stories but just because I was expecting a horror flick and got a love story.....and the last time that happened was when went to see "The Curious Case of Benjamin BOOOOOOORING"...wasn’t really expecting that joint to be a boring love story(just my opinion ill be sure to expand if you would like) anyway.....I really got turned off by "Twilight" when I seen that everyone I mean everyone was talking about it ewwww....iono I'd like to think of myself as one that likes to steer away from the masses......but I ended up catching the flick on accident...and I can't front this joint was popping!....different twist to ur typical Vampire flick...A love story but still a Vampire movie so that makse it very interesting...when u get a chance yall should definitely check this flick out....Oh yah look out for the sequel too I posted the trailer below...


Troy Boy! said...
June 21, 2009 at 9:21 PM

I cant wait! I kinda ashamed im geeked off this movie like this... I wanna be the first black/pale vampire... part 3 maybe! But that wolf look mega animated